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Tips and tricks to kick the dreaded Pacifier!

Full Disclosure, I by no means am an expert in this area! Which means all the information you're about to intake, may very well be flawed at best!

Im ashamed to admit that this year has been a survival year for me. Sure, I’ve grown tremendously from it, but in the process, I definitely let some mom things slip. We waiting far too long to get her 100% potty trained, but on the other side of that….she’s potty trained now.

We definitely missed our chance to take the binky away with minimal awareness. But as a mom, the binky was definitely more for me than her. After working a 34 hour shift, I can’t say I had the physical or mental energy to handle meltdowns I knew could be solved with one little binky.

I save space for myself to feel bad about allowing her to have it for so long. But I also see this as a hurdle we will conquer together, where I will help her to find better coping mechanisms and ways to self soothe herself. I’m not a bad mom for letting her keep the binky during a time that was emotionally exhausting for all of us. I’m a good mom for being present and aware of her current emotional needs!

Step 1: Plant the seed of a fictional Fairy, who WILL come and take that baby away!

This step was very simple. We merely told her the binky fair would be coming for the binky at some point. Not sure when, but it would be happening soon! When the fairy comes, she will take the binky away, but she always leaves a nice gift!

This part went great! She was bummed at first, until she realized that she was getting something out of it. Now, anytime she gets into bed, she looks straight under her pillow to see if the binky fairy made her appearance.

Step 2: Damage the binky as much as possible while maintaining the safety of it!

We poked little holes all over it. Everywhere! To the point where using it wasn't really giving her the same sense of contentment it once was. this part is crucial. Since we definitely didn’t want to just take them away cold turkey, we opted to allow her to continue thinking she had a choice in the matter. Our goal here is to make her straight up hate these binkies, so she ultimately sees it as her choice when she decides to quit altogether!

Step 3: Hide all remaining evidence!

It is also very important to not keep “back ups” in the house. I know myself, and in the heat of a cry session, I am prone to give in to what she is asking for. Soooo, We threw away all but 2. And the 2 we currently have, are definitely not work sucking on.

"Now our goal is to minimize the emotional impact this has"

I want to reiterate that I am in no way an expert, this is simply my person mom experience! We're currently on day 4 and things are looking promising! With Aniyah (my oldest daughter), one night we just told her the binky went away, and she literally never mentioned it again😂. Aubrey is definitely putting up more of a fight! Despite all the reasons we’ve ended up here, with a 3 year old emotionally attached to a binky, we are here. So, now our goal is to minimize the emotional impact this has, especially after the year she’s had.

Miscellaneous Mom Gang!

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