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My realistic and honest Thanksgiving struggle

Last night I went to bed annoyed with my husband. The whole ride home I thought through all the reasons why I was right. I was so convinced that I was correct, and he deserved a piece of my mind, or better yet, my silence.

This morning I woke up, to the sad realization that another month has been unsuccessful for us trying to conceive. I took a minute, then went back to bed.

The thing about marriage, is that so many things go unspoken. He immediately wrapped his arms around me. He didn’t say a word. He let me sleep in, and brought me breakfast in bed. He kissed my forehead, and didn’t say a word.

Once I finally gathered the energy to get out of bed, I walked downstairs. Where he set up our couch with a blanket, pillow, and a nice spot waiting for me. He kissed my forehead, and didn’t say a word.

He sat with me, and cuddled me. And simply said “I’m sorry”. Then he gave me space to cuddle the girls. And as I sit here typing this, while he gets the girls set up for rest time, I’m literally overcome with emotions.

THIS, is what I’m thankful for. These raw uneasy moments in life that show me who I am, and who and what I have. I’m honestly not sure what the future holds, and that’s scary some days. But I’m thankful for the things God has blessed me with that help keep me grounded. I’m thankful for them.❤️


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