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Let's talk about Parenting with Anxiety!

I never used to see myself as an anxious person whatsoever. Even when I became a mom for the first time, I still didn’t necessarily see myself as anxious. It wasn’t until I got married and started experiencing miscarriages for the first time, that I actually noticed it. For a while I would tell myself as long as I didn’t say it out loud, then it wasn’t anxiety.

I wish I could give you this empowering mom story of how I overcame anxiety, and how now I feel so free and can parent easy now! But honestly, my anxiety is the highest it’s ever been, alive and thriving😂. Y’all, I get anxiety doing basic every day things. From driving on the highway to dropping my kids off at school. Now, I’m able to do these things, and do them well. But all the while my insides are basically screaming. Which makes sense why I’m so type A!

And at first I felt guilty about being the type of mom who needs to have a schedule. I always wished I was the mom that could just go with the flow, bring my kids anywhere, and not worry about missing bedtime. But I’ve never been that mom. I am the mom who needs that structure to stay sane. I admit that the structure is more for me than it is for them, but with all of the chaos we have going on in our lives, that’s the only way for us to remain constant.

I say this all to say, parents who are working through anxiety every moment of every day,

You are still great parents!✊🏾

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